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Raleigh, NC


Since 2009, we have used our music knowledge and Audio/Video experience to enhance events and create positive relationships. Since then, we have helped make big days even bigger with enthusiasm, professionalism, and commitment to exceptional service. We strive to exceed expectations and turn fun events into great memories. 

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Meet Our DJs



I was born in 1981 in North Carolina. My entire childhood, I have been surrounded by music and nurtured into being a musician. I was plucking banjos as a toddler and dancing around to country and bluegrass into my school years. My first concert was The Bangles when I was 9 years old and I've been to about 500 concerts since. I started working in a CD store in high school and quickly realized I knew entirely too much about music. They nicknamed me "The Music Encyclopedia" and to this day I continue to catalog every musical fact I learn.

I started playing instruments and singing in bars while learning about audio at home. I was setting up my own PA system at 15 years old. I use both my performing experience and my music store experience in my DJ business during every single event.

By 2009, I had a PA system sitting in my basement, an amazing music library, and a passion for music, so I decided to try my hand at DJ-ing for parties. I was really good at it and, more importantly, I was passionate about it.

Today, I have been working with clients for years on a variety of different events. I've done everything from backyard family reunions all the way to elegant weddings, all the while assisting with music selection andthe agendas for events. My clients consistently tell me I exceed their expectations and my excitement is contagious. When you hire me for your event, you're hiring someone who is passionate about music and always will be. And it shows!

- DJ Sheena
Blisslyke Sounds



I was born in Puerto Rico in 1980; I spent the first ten years of my life there before coming to New Jersey in the continental US. I spent two more decades moving around the Northeast, living in Pennsylvania and New York before coming to North Carolina. I have been in NC for the past five years and I love it! 

I've worked with Sheena for the past four years and have turned a lifelong appreciation of music into a true passion. My unique background gives me insight into the increasingly culturally diverse music scene and I use that to help me read crowds and personalize my selections. I also function as the company's tech guy, researching lights, sound and software for us to continually improve our offerings. I also designed this website!

I've been attending events and actively assisting Sheena for a while now, and I'm excited to say I have started DJ'ing events in my own capacity! I'm still "the rookie" but I have the same passion and committment that we value at Blisslyke Sounds and we are dedicated to making your event a huge hit!

- DJ Ruben
Blisslyke Sounds