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Raleigh, NC


Since 2009, we have used our music knowledge and Audio/Video experience to enhance events and create positive relationships. Since then, we have helped make big days even bigger with enthusiasm, professionalism, and commitment to exceptional service. We strive to exceed expectations and turn fun events into great memories. 


Live Music


Music has been my entire life since I was able to identify sounds. It only makes sense that I should be a DJ, but I was a passionate musician long before I learned about perfecting playlists. I started singing when I was six years old.

I started guitar when I was 18 years old, mainly because I didn't have regular access to a piano. After my grandfather showed me a few chords on his guitar, I ran with that knowledge and began voraciously reading tabs and songs at my school library. I've been through several guitars and am now in love with my Martin. I am able to play for your event, using my own guitar and PA system.

piano long.jpg

I began playing piano at age 15, after being inspired by some of my musical heroes of the 90's. Once I began tinkering on the school's Baldwin piano during lunches, I realized I had a special talent at the piano. It wasn't long before I was asked to play for people and started composing my own pieces. It only took 9 years, but I finally was able to buy my first piano at age 24, where I began teaching myself basic music theory and memorizing song after song. I started playing for friends' weddings, working in recording studios on more compositions, and playing at hotel happy hours and banquets. Music is an intimate talent and one that I enjoy sharing with listeners of all ages. I am able to travel to events with my portable piano and PA system, or utilize your own piano for any event. No event is too small!

- Sheena Morris