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Sheena's Blog

5 Things to Consider When Hiring a DJ

Sheena Morris

Hi everyone,

 This is my first blog entry and I just wanted to kick it off with some knowledge to keep in mind when selecting a DJ for your wedding. These are things that I consider very important with all of the folks I have met and contracted for, etc.

My #1: Do they download their music? Is it torrented? A lot of times, we can't control the bitrate/quality of the mp3 file, or the expletives that could possibly be present.  I always pre-listen and often pre-google lyrics depending on the demographic present. Pre-school? I will definitely search through, but I might be more flexible on a 40-year-old birthday party if the song is blatantly about doing dirty stuff and still radio-friendly. I also purchase my songs. Predictability is your best friend in this case.

My #2: Are they organized? Are they taking 3 days to get back to you and its not wedding season? If its the dead of January and they aren't responding within a couple of days, their organization skills may not be the best. I try to respond within 2 days on all of my emails during wedding season.

My #3: Do they know a lot about music? Or is this just a chance to show off how cool they are? Quiz them! I mean, don't question them about your hipster cousin's bluegrass band in Portland, but you can ask them do they remember your high school jam or your favorite New Edition song. (Obviously it better be "If it isn't love.") Some folks I have worked with just want to party but it all comes down to your day and making it exactly how you pictured it.

My #4: Are they personable? You don't want a DJ who gripes about playing a Linda Ronstadt song for your dad. The DJ should be able to find a good time to insert a song that would seem out of place, especially if it's for a special guest. I can always bring in a slower song without it seeming out of place or silly. If they can't play the song for you, they should say "It has a lot of expletives and it wouldn't be right for the group here" or something polite along those lines. I will always try to play a request but I'll be honest with you if its inappropriate or there isn't a clean version available. I will also try to find a good substitute!

And my #5 - Do they take safety seriously? I tend to tape down all wires, test out how sturdy my speakers are, and place all items a few feet away from guests who may be near my equipment. I want everything to be clean, untangled, and to look classy. Some fellow vendors don't take the extra 10 minutes to "spruce" up. They should! Photos will show up of that event and you want to look your best!

I hope you found this blog informative and useful. As always, thanks for being a supporter of my company and I appreciate your positivity!

DJ Sheena

Blisslyke Sounds